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Omaha Resident Apostle Vanessa Ward is winner of the 2015 Dorothy Richardson Resident Leadership Award
There are three mindsets that help create and "nurture" high-risk neighborhoods, says Apostle Vanessa Ward, of Omaha, NE: "I can’t make a difference," "don’t snitch" and "keep your head down; you might get in trouble."
Creating Stability for Success
In this issue, we look at one NeighborWorks organization that helps prepare children for kindergarten, and what NeighborWorks organizations nationwide are doing to help families avoid evictions.
Arts as Economic Development
Murals are often recognized for their value in showing the creativity of residents, but community art is more than just colors and paint. Along with brightening up the city, community art engages residents of all ages and it can have serious economic impact as well.
Making Summer's Bounty Accessible
Sadly, not everyone has access to fresh food. In some lower-income areas and communities of color, residents live further than one mile from the nearest supermarket, or other source of healthy food choices... The good news is that many communities are working actively to change these dynamics...
‘New Americans’ increasingly changing the communities we serve
In 2013 (the latest year for which data are available), approximately 41.3 million immigrants lived in the United States, an all-time high. The United States remains a popular destination for those seeking better lives, attracting about 20 percent of the world's international migrants, even as it represents less than 5 percent of the global population.
Rebuilding community trust with resident engagement
From Detroit, to New Orleans, to Ferguson and Baltimore, communities under stress are struggling to reclaim their “places” and come together with a renewed sense of identity, cohesion and mission. Now more than ever, NeighborWorks’ central focus on resident engagement...
How homeownership education and counseling can support home-buying
There are several forces inhibiting the ability of owner-occupant home buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, from succeeding in this competitive housing market. That’s why working with a housing counselor is the strategy NeighborWorks America encourages...
Healthy Communities Benefit Residents and Taxpayers
The Center for Disease Control estimates that, for every dollar invested in community design projects...
Green Communities Have Healthy and Thriving Residents
Communities should be safe, healthy and sustainable places for residents to live and grow. Green communities provide social, financial, health, and environmental benefits for individuals and their families.
Protecting Consumers from Predatory Lending
Consumers need trusted financial advisors at tax time and at any point a question or problem arises. If they don't find reliable sources, they may accept help that can ultimately harm them.
April 2015 NeighborWorks America Newsletter
Results are in from our 2015 Consumer Finance Survey
Survey Shows Financial Gaps Increasing
75% don't know affordable financial advice is available.
Why foreclosure counseling still matters
NeighborWorks believes foreclosure counseling is a key strategy to keeping people in their homes and helping them make smart future financial decisions.
How do we increase access to healthy food
NeighborWorks groups are contributing by creating community gardens, bringing grocery stores to underserved areas and much more.
Smart Collaboration for Homeownership
8,500 new homeowners through the LIFT programs...
March 2015 NeighborWorks America Newsletter
Making a comeback in New Orleans and across the nation.
NeighborWorks America Video
NeighborWorks America helps build strong, resilient communities by providing people with opportunities to live in safe, healthy and affordable housing.
“What is Financial Capability?” Collection
Whether you are planning to purchase a home, save for educational expenses, or start a small business — good money management is an important first step. Financial capability helps to put you on the path to a sustainable financial future:
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    Squeeze on affordable rental housing continues
    An increasingly broad range of individuals and families are renting rather than buying, whether due to necessity or choice...
    February 2015 NeighborWorks America Newsletter
    Construction and Rehab Newsletter
    NeighborWorks America Tax Tips 2015
    Start Tax Season Off Right!
    Our News
    Local veteran family receive mortgage free home!
    NeighborWorks Home Solutions worked in conjunction with Bill Perdue of BP Quality Homes, the Council Bluffs Planning Department, Pottawattamie County Veterans Affairs, and numerous businesses and community members in order to provide the Smith Family with a beautiful mortgage free home. The dedication ceremony took place on Friday, 11 November, Veterans Day.
    Portrait of a Resident Leader: Apostle Vanessa Ward
    Webinar presented to national audience.
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